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St Ivo Academy is supported by a Local Governance Committee (LGC). The role of the committee within Astrea Academy Trust is to provide support, challenge and guidance to the academy at a local level, with a focus on driving improvement in educational outcomes.

The members of the committee are:

  • Philip Speer (Chair)
  • Tony Meneaugh (Interim Principal)
  • Claire Burke
  • Matthew Carnaby
  • Paul Mumford
  • Tomas Thurogood-Hyde
  • Heather Wood

For more information on governance within the Astrea Academy Trust and to see the terms of reference for the committee, please visit

Statutory governance information for 2019-20

Statutory governance information for 2020-21

Statutory governance information for 2021-22

Statutory governance information for 2022-23

Statutory governance information for 2023-24

Astrea Academy Trust master funding agreement

Minutes of Local Governance Committee meetings and other documents

Agenda from 20th October 2021 and minutes from 16th June 2021

Agenda from 8th December 2021 and minutes from 20th October 2021

Agenda from 23rd February 2022 and minutes from 8th December 2021

Agenda from 11th May 2022 and minutes from 23rd February 2022

Agenda from 14th July 2022 and minutes from 11th May 2022

Agenda from 9th November 2022 and minutes from 14th July 2022

Agenda and papers from 18th January 2023 and minutes from 9th November 2022

Minutes of special meeting held 22nd February 2022

Agenda and papers from 22nd March 2023 and minutes from 18th January 2023

Agenda and papers from 17th May 2023 and minutes from 22nd March 2023

Agenda and papers from 28th June 2023 and minutes from 17th May 2023

Agenda and papers from 4th October 2023 and minutes from 28th June 2023

Agenda and papers from 30th November 2023 and minutes from 4th October 2023