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House System

Introduced in September 2017, our House System is encouraging students to mix more outside of their usual groups. Increased teamwork across years is creating a more cohesive student body, whilst form groups being divided amongst the Houses leads to some healthy competition.

There are many opportunities for students to gain House points, both through individual accomplishments and inter-House competitions in areas such as sport, languages and music.

The Houses

There are five Houses, with names inspired by the elements of the school badge. In this way the school is linking the old with the new. All students belong to either Bridge (green), Crosier (purple), Leger (red), River (blue) or Wheatsheaf (gold) House. For Years 7 to 11, their House is denoted be the coloured stripe on their blazer.

House Leadership

Each House is led by a member of staff who acts as Head of House, together with House Captain(s) from the Sixth Form, Vice Captain(s) from Years 10 and 11 and House Representatives from all years.

House Head of House
Bridge (Green) Mrs Jarah
Crosier (Purple) Miss McAdam
Leger (Red) Miss Hart
River (Blue) Mr Hammond
Wheatsheaf (Gold) Mr Kennedy