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Curriculum Overview


The curriculum, at St Ivo Academy, is defined as ‘the knowledge, skills & values students are expected to learn, the units and lessons that are taught, the planned sequence of instruction, the resources used to support teaching and the assessments used to evaluate learning’.

At St Ivo Academy, our curriculum is designed to fulfil our core purpose which aims to secure the best possible experience, learning and outcomes for each young person for whom we have responsibility.

St Ivo seeks to offer student a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum. In addition, our provision is tailored so that all students, whatever their background and ability, can follow suitable pathways, from Years 7 through to Year 13, which maximise their chances to make progress in their learning, achieve academic excellence and success in public examinations. This will enable them to successfully access the next stage of their development.

In addition to the core curriculum, St Ivo is committed to providing a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and instilling a number of core values in our students. These include being ready to learn and achieve with high aspiration whilst being respectful and safe towards themselves and others in the community.

We aim to develop a knowledge-rich curriculum which:

  • communicates the value of knowledge as a worthwhile goal in itself;
  • ensures that knowledge is sequenced and mapped coherently;
  • is pursued through subject networks to enable support and challenge for our teachers in order to blend the teaching of school subjects with sound academic and pedagogical practice;
  • promotes opportunities for links between subjects;
  • creates an aspirational high achievement culture which enables all students to strive for success;
  • develops our students to understand the world around them, so they are able to make a positive contribution to modern British society.

Curriculum Principles

  • Curriculum design involves an ongoing process of development. This is the responsibility of all teaching staff, led by subject leaders and overseen and supported by senior leaders, through the allocation of sufficient time and resources for evaluation.
  • 7-year curriculum pathways, from Year 7 to Year 13, which are clearly defined to enable progression, including substantive and disciplinary knowledge over time.
  • A curriculum which encourages both breadth and depth, throughout all courses, with an appropriate allocation of learning time.
  • Pedagogy which instills a powerful combination of both knowledge and skill, thus equipping students for aspiration and success in their learning and future lives.
  • Curriculum design which encourages students to acquire, retain and effectively utilise knowledge during their 7 years journey and beyond.
  • Appropriate time is given to reading, literacy and numeracy to ensure that all students can access the full curriculum and have the essential skills needed for life.
  • Vocabulary development in the curriculum contributes to improved oracy and literacy outcomes, ensuring students use spoken and written language to communicate effectively.
  • Uses a range of formative and summative assessment that is appropriate to each subject, thereby allowing teachers and parents to monitor students’ learning.
  • Time is invested in a comprehensive programme of trips, visits and extra-curricular activities including sport, music, dance, drama and STEM activities. There is daily support for homework and supervised study, in the Resource Centre.

Please click here to view our full Curriculum Statement, which includes details of subjects at each key stage.