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Newsletter 26 April 2024

Dear Parent/ Carer

As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s been quite a busy week for all concerned in school, and I will touch upon this shortly. Before that, I just want to put out one last reminder regarding the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) applications that close on Monday 29 April 2024. It’s really important that we harness the voice of our community, particularly our parents and carers, in the next stage of our improvement journey.

The following video was created to provide you with more information about the PAC, its purpose and how it will operate:  My newsletter on 18 March 2024 also gave some information about the launch of the PAC: Week beginning 18th March 2024 (

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for the PAC, please complete the PAC Application Form


I appreciate that parents and carers will be eager to know how their school performed during the Ofsted visit this week – it’s only natural. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the outcome of the inspection until the report is published; the following section of the inspection handbook sets out the timeframe for publication: School inspection handbook – GOV.UK ( In essence, it is likely that we will have the report, and be able to publish it, within roughly 30 school days (13 June 2024). As with all things, there are instances when reports have been quicker, or taken longer to publish, but this at least gives you a guide.

We were acutely conscious of the fact that the inspection came at an important time for Year 11 and 13 students, and we tried to operate the school as normally as possible. Inspections demand a lot of time and energy from the senior leadership team and middle leaders, and some meetings required more than one school/ trust leader to be present. One of the benefits of being in a trust is that we can call on support from our sister schools and from the central team to help us prepare and to cover certain duties and leader lessons to limit the disruption the inspection causes to students’ experience. For the avoidance of doubt, the presence of additional staff was notified to – and sometimes required by – Ofsted inspectors and acknowledged in their feedback. The inspectors were given a copy of the short-term lesson cover list as these are lessons they would avoid. I would like to thank all our colleagues within our school, and across our trust, publicly for their amazing support this week. It has been a true team effort!

If you’re interested, here are the paragraphs in the inspection framework that reference other trust colleagues being on site during inspections: School inspection handbook – GOV.UK (

Finally, the lead inspector asked me to thank on his behalf, all of the students, staff members and parents/ carers for their contributions to the inspection. I believe our combined involvement allowed them to understand, in a very fair way, the true nature of our school.

Yours faithfully

Tony Meneaugh

Interim Principal

Upcoming diary dates

Monday 22 April: Year 11 GCSE Art exams begin.

Thursday 25 April; year 11 GCSE French and German speaking exams begin.

Monday 29 April: Year 12 practical mocks begin

Monday 29 April: Year 11 Dance exam

Tuesday 7 May: Year 13 Art and MFL practical exams begin

Thursday 9 May: Year 11 and 13 final written exams begin

House Points

House totals year to date:

  • Bridge 42,152
  • Crosier 40,869
  • Leger 40,270
  • River 42,447
  • Wheatsheaf 39,022

Congratulations to the following student who has achieved 200 House points (white award):

  • Ava 7Dr, Darcy 7Dr, Isabell 7Dr, Oscar 7Dr, Lexi 7Mc, Annabel 7Oe, Mia 7Oe, Mila 7Oe, Harry 7Sl/Du, Alayna 7St, Rio 7St, Jacob 7Ti, James 7Ti, Matthew 7Ti, Millie 7Ti, Theo 7Ti, Jazleen 7Tw, Josh 7Tw, Annabelle 7Wa, Logan 7Wa
  • Aroush 9Ak, Ellie 9Ak, Milly 9Ak, Daniel 9Go, Lilly 9Hx, Riley 9Hy, Amber 9Ja/Hw, Beatrice 9Ja/Hw, Frank 9Ja/Hw, Nathan 9Ja/Hw, Georgia 9Le, Isabella 9Le, Oliver 9Lk, George 9Nn
  • Cheuk Thung 10Bf, Davina 10Bf, Norbert 10Bf, Olivia 10Bf, Deividas 10Ht, Jack 10Ht, Khadijah 10La, Joshua 10Mt

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved 150 House points (gold award):

  • Elsa 7Mc, Lois 7Mc, Toby 7Mc, Zaynab 7Mc, Arfeen 7Nt, Isla 7Nt, Mollymay 7Nt, Bobby 7St, Harry 7St, Jonah 7St, Jubreel 7St, Max 7St, Colby 7Ti, Ellie 7Tw, Madison 7Tw, Alice 7Wa, Harry 7Wa, Patrick 7Wa
  • Zara 8Bn, Alfie 8Dt/Tl, Asher 8Dt/Tl, Daphne 8Dt/Tl, Emily 8Hh, Grace 8Hh, Tom 8Hh
  • Rory 9Ak, Josh 9Ev/Wl, Rupert 9Go, Daisy 9Hx, Ellie 9Hx, Harry 9Hx, Jonah 9Hx, Nancy 9Hx, Joey 9Le, Bailey 9Lk, Ellie 9Nn, Kristine 9Nn, Rosie 9Yo/Ws
  • Lottie 10Kd, Aston 10La, Evelyn 10Pe, Sadie 10Pe

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved 100 House points (silver award):

  • Charley-Mae 7Bh, Kenley 7Tw
  • Hannah 8Jh/Dm
  • Taylor 9Ev/Wl, Samuel 9Nn
  • Sobaan 10Ht, Kamea 10Pe, Jake 10Sz

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved 75 House points (bronze award):

  • Joshua 9Ev/Wl, Saim 9Ev/Wl
  • Matilda 10Bf, Gracie 10Mt, Ann 10Sq, Reckeiro 10Sz

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved 50 House points (house badge):

  • Evie 9Go
  • Tanasija 10Ht, Scarlett 10Sq

Year 7 Parents’/Carers’ Evening

Parents Evening will be held online on Thursday 2 May from 4pm-7.30pm.

Appointments can be booked via SchoolCloud – St Ivo Academy. Booking open on Monday 22 April at 6am and will close at 8am on Thursday 21 March. If you have any difficulties using the online platform, please call the school office on 01480 375400. If you have any other queries about parents’ evening, please contact your child’s Head of Year.

On the evening itself, please once again log on to School Cloud then click the “join video appointments” button. The system will then load your appointments, please see for further information. You can use most phones, tablets, laptops etc to access this service. Please note that in order for the evening to run to time, calls will automatically cut off at the given end time (there will be a countdown on your screen).

Year 11 Update

I hope you are all well. I am just writing with updates regarding several upcoming events for our Year 11 students.

Exam Preparation and Student Well-being

The public exams have begun with option subjects over the last few weeks with Food, Drama and Art students preforming incredibly well during their practical exams. As we move towards the full set of public exams in two weeks’ time, we are asking for your support with ensuring that students are fully prepared for their exams. This includes ensuring students have all the correct equipment for the exams, are organised with their exam timetable and seat numbers, as well as being prepared with a bottle of water (this must be a plain bottle with no labels) to remain hydrated. If students or parents have any questions regarding the exam arrangements, please contact Mr Hall initially. If students have not been issued with an up-to-date yellow exam timetable, please direct them to their form tutor. We are also aware that students are starting to feel the stress and anxiety of exams. Mr Hall, Miss Tabb, Mr Evans and form tutors are all available to support students through the exam season if they have any concerns or need someone to talk to. All students recently received an email to their school email accounts from Miss Sherwood directing them to an array of external support services if required.

Final Assembly and Last Day of Year 11

The last day on full timetable for Year 11 will be Friday 7 June 2024 with the final assembly for Year 11 taking place at 2pm on Thursday 6 June 2024. The rationale behind the final assembly not taking place on the final day is due to the whole year group being in an exam on Friday afternoon (Chemistry) so we are unable to do shirt signings on the official last day due to scheduling from the exam boards. That is why we are currently planning for the final day celebrations to take place on the Thursday afternoon after the year group have completed a morning exam (English). Rest assured that students will get plenty of opportunity to participate in the traditional shirt signing.

Leavers Hoodies and Yearbooks 

The Year 11 leavers hoodies have arrived at school and are currently being checked off to ensure that each students’ order is correct. Once this has been completed, they will then need to be organised into the relevant form groups to be distributed later this half-term. With regards the yearbook orders the online shop has now re-opened and will close on 23 June 2024. The schools ID code is 26868YR11 ( for any students/parents who still wish to order one. As we have made plans to include Prom photos in our yearbook, students will be able to collect their copies on results day in August.


Miss Tabb is hard at work putting together the final arrangements for the St Ivo Academy Prom 2024. A reminder to parents that Prom will be staged at the Burgess Hall on 4 July 2024 from 7-10pm. Students will have access to hot food, snacks, a photo booth and of course we will have a DJ and music. So far, we have had 210 students commit to coming to Prom and we are incredibly excited to end our time together with a fantastic evening. If students still wish to attend Prom but have not been able to order a ticket through Bromcom we are asking that parents contact Miss Tabb directly as we are still accepting students to Prom at this time. Additionally, we are also looking for student volunteers to support Miss Tabb with setting up the venue on the day, so if any students are interested then they need to express their interest to the Year 11 team.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all or your support with getting students ready and prepared for the exam season. We are in the final stretch of a very long educational journey, and I am looking forward to students demonstrating their knowledge and skills in their exams and seeing the results of all their hard work and dedication over the last five years. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Good Luck Year 11

Mr Hall, Head of Year

County Lines