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There is no insurance policy to cover compensation for accidental injury during normal school time; for example, there is no compensation for injury sustained on the sports field unless that injury arises through negligence. Parents/carers requiring such cover should take out a policy for themselves. There is also no insurance for personal property lost or stolen in school; particularly valuable items should not be brought to school.

Lost Property

Personal property belonging to employees, students, or members of the public is brought onto the premises at the owner’s own risk. The school cannot accept any responsibility for items of value and is not insured for any loss incurred. Staff are advised to include any valuable items brought to school on their own insurance policies.

To this end staff, students and visitors are advised to leave items of value at home, or where possible in a secure facility, such as a locker or locked desk.

Loss or theft of staff property should be reported immediately to the Head. Loss or theft of students’ property should be reported immediately to the Head of Year.

Possessions should be identifiable by name wherever possible. If lost property is handed in and has a name tag or identifier it is far easier to contact the owner for collection. If no name tag or identifier is obvious, the item will go through the lost property procedure.

The local police visit the school periodically to security etch staff/students’ bicycles with the owners’ postcode. You will be informed in advance of this facility.

Staff should not be expected to spend their time seeking such lost items on behalf of stu-dents. It is the responsibility of individual students to look after their own possessions.

A monthly updated list will be available for the students/parents to view on the IvoOnline portal. Please note that items will not be kept for more than a month. Unclaimed items will be disposed of in an appropriate way.

Perishable items will be disposed of after 24 hours for Health and Safety reasons. Used towels/swimwear will be disposed of within 48 hours.

Any mobile phones/electronic devices will be held in the Finance Office for safe keeping. Glasses, watches, jewellery and other small valuables will be kept at reception.

Medical Care

There is a medical officer in attendance during school hours to deal with emergencies and health problems that occur during the school day. We ask all parents/carers to give, in confidence, information about illnesses, infirmities or disabilities. This should include children with nut or any other severe allergies and if they require an Epipen or any other medication in school, which needs to be supplied by the parents. It should be emphasised that the medical officer should not be regarded as a substitute doctor and children who are unwell should not be sent to school.

The medical officer can arrange hearing screening for any child if parents/carers so request. We cannot express too strongly the need for parents/carers to contact their family doctor to arrange anti-tetanus protection for students before they take part in environmental courses or activities involving animals.

Procedure for Dealing with Cases of Suspected Child Abuse

It may be helpful for parents/carers to know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which raises concern that a child may be at risk from non-accidental injury, neglect or emotional or sexual abuse.

This procedure is intended to protect children and schools are encouraged to take the attitude that where there are grounds for concern it is better to be over-cautious than to risk a child’s safety. In some cases they therefore have an unavoidable duty to contact Social Services without reference to parents. On other occasions, the school will contact parents prior to contacting Social Services.

Occasionally, this duty on headteachers means that they must risk upsetting some parents/carers by reporting a concern which, on investigation, proves to be unfounded. In these circumstances, it is hoped that parents/carers will appreciate how difficult it is for schools to carry out this delicate responsibility and accept that the headteacher was acting in good faith and had to take these steps in the best interests of children. The designated member of staff with responsibility for child protection is a senior member of staff.

Valuable items

Adult Learning & Skills classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Valuable items such as mobile phones are brought on site at the owner’s risk. The school insurance does not cover damage or loss of these items. Parents/carers may wish to enquire as to whether their own insurance policies cover valuable items brought to school. The school is not responsible for the safety and security of these items.