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As part of Astrea Academy Trust, St Ivo Academy follows trust-wide policies in many areas.
Please click here to access the full list of Astrea Academy Trust policies.
Please note that we follow Astrea policies for Charging and remissions, complaints>, recruitment and whistleblowing.
Other St Ivo Academy policies are as listed below. A complete list of all policies is available from the school on request.

Policy Staff Member Last Updated Next review due
Accessibility Plan Agnes Chiano/Dan Coulson May 2017 May 2018
Admissions – see the LA website
Anti-Bullying Policy David Varey October 2018 October 2019
Attendance Policy Clare Sherwood February 2018 February 2020
Behaviour Policy David Varey March 2018 March 2020
Careers Policy incorporating Information and Guidance,
Work Related Learning and Enterprise
Linda Bartlett February 2017 February 2019
Collective Worship Policy Ingrid Morrison February 2018 February 2020
Controlled Assessment/Coursework Ingrid Morrison December 2017 December 2019
Curriculum Policy Ingrid Morrison October 2017 October 2019
Drugs Policy Mike Craig February 2018 February 2020
Examinations Ingrid Morrison October 2018 October 2020
First Aid Policy, including Administering Medication Mike Craig November 2017 September 2019
Hire of Premises and Scale of Charges Agnes Chiano January 2017 January 2021
Homework Clare Sherwood February 2017 February 2019
ICT Whole School Policy Alan Davies December 2018 December 2019
Marking, Assessment and Feedback Policy Mike Craig February 2018 February 2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy David Varey October 2018 October 2019
Sex and Relationships Policy Ingrid Morrison June 2018 June 2020
Special Educational Needs Jackie Francis June 2019 June 2020
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Jackie Francis October 2017 October 2019
Teaching and Learning Policy Dan Wilson May 2017 May 2019