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Return of students in September 2022

Monday 5th September

  • New Year 7 start at 8.40am and should meet on the basketball courts. They will spend periods 1 and 2 with tutors (including assembly) before starting lessons period 3.
  • New Year 12 start at 8.40am and should met in the canteen. Students will then have time with tutors and complete the signing on process. Once this has been done they will be free to leave school.
  • Other year groups will not be in school on this date

Tuesday 6th September

  • Years 7 to 12 start at 8.40am and should go to form rooms. For the new Years 8 to 11, please details on ParentMail of new tutor groups including rooms. Please ensure your child knows where to go as a number of rooms have changed.
  • Year 13 start at 10.00am and should go to the canteen.
  • Students will have time with tutors periods 1 and 2 (including assemblies for Years 8 to 13).
  • Normal lessons will start period 3.

Wednesday 7th September

  • Years 7 to 11 start at 8.40am with extended tutor time, then normal lessons from period 2.
  • Years 12 and 13 start at 10.00am, going straight to lessons.

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