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Sports Fixtures

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Sports fixtures and local trips:

From time to time students may participate in the following types of visits:

  • Walking into the local town of St Ives, including buildings available to the general public, for example businesses, shops, post office, library, museum and places of worship.
  • Local field work within the town boundary.
  • Non-residential sports fixtures.
  • Timetabled courses at local colleges, for example car mechanics.

These visits will follow our school operating procedures to ensure the safety of all involved. Sports fixtures generally take place after school. In these cases, PE staff will organise their team(s) and ensure each student is fully aware of the details of each fixture, including times of fixtures and locations. Students will then be responsible for making their parents/carers aware of an upcoming fixture, where they will be going and their expected time of return in order that families can make arrangements for safe transport home. The exception to this is the girls’ football teams managed by Miss Trigg, where parents may be informed of details through Parentmail or Teamstuff.

You may wish to access the list of fixtures for the 2019-20 school year. This particularly focuses on district fixtures, not every County, regional and national fixture is listed. The list is subject to amendment at any time, due to a variety of factors.