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Feedback from school visits

“Useful opportunity to get a feel for the atmosphere around school. Helps to put some of the concerns expressed elsewhere to rest.”

“Thank you to members of staff dedicated to the tour of the school as I know how precious their time is during school day.”

“Great to have the opportunity to see around the school, thank you for taking the time.”

“I found the visit really interesting and also reassuring. We visited several classrooms, all of which were calm and focused. The environment and overall atmosphere throughout the school bore no resemblance to the descriptions of the school recently in the media. I was blown away by the quality of some of the art and textiles work and would have loved to listen longer to some of history lessons as they were so interesting. After visiting I can see first hand what the school are trying to achieve. I was reassured to hear more about how teachers are continuing to get feedback from students to refine arrangements. I would recommend taking the time to visit… After visiting I personally feel much happier about my children attending the Ivo. Thank you to the school team for setting these visits up.”