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Values & Ethos

Our vision for St Ivo Academy is:

  • We believe that all students, regardless of their starting point, should be guided and supported to develop the academic, social and moral understanding and behaviours to be successful and happy in their future.
  • As a community of students, staff and parents/carers we are respectful, polite and courteous to each other in all that we do.

The values we hold as being central to this are:

  • Respect
  • Resilience

Our ethos is, very simply:

  • Work hard, be kind

As a school we want all of our students to be successful in the following ways:

Academically: we want students to achieve highly in courses that prepare them for adult life.

Socially: we want students to become confident young adults who mix well, take on leadership and care for those around them.

Emotionally: in an ever changing world we want students to develop resilience and maturity to cope with life’s challenges.

In extra-curricular activities we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom and want all of our students to develop new skills and friendships through the huge range of additional activities and visits we offer.